Here are just some of the issues we are facing at the state level: 

Jobs and the Economy

We need to work to ensure that small businesses, the backbone of our economy, are protected against over-regulation in order to allow them to thrive and keep jobs. 


The current biennium saw a request for a 13% increase in funding just to maintain a status quo.  The Legislature was not able to fully fund education, falling $200 million short.  The dramatic increase in education costs are due to two “cost drivers” – the $24 billion PERS deficit and unsustainable health care costs.  The next biennium will begin with an estimated $330 million increase in costs to schools for the PERS deficit.  Oregon needs to prioritize education funding not only for the classroom, but also for safety and security in our schools


The State budget

 Oregon wastes millions of your hard-earned tax dollars on government inefficiencies.  The Oregon Health Authority alone has squandered hundreds of millions.  It is time to put a stop to developing new programs and making promises that we can’t keep due to the lack of a stable funding stream.  Working to stop needless spending and “live within our means” is crucial, particularly when we know it is only a matter of time before we are hit with another recession. 


 The citizens of Oregon passed Ballot Measure 96 in 2014 by nearly an 85% majority.  This measure allocates 1.5% of Lottery revenues (nearly $18 million per biennium) to veterans programs.  Much was done to help veterans in the last 2 session.   There is much work still to be done.

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